Here is “Còralin”: the new Rose wine by Marchesini Winery

How wine born?  It comes from a long selection, of analysis and research, but mainly from passion itself.  The love of the vineyard, of the land and of the grapes are all aspects that have always distinguished our family business.  This is exactly why we decided to combine the two different factors of the more logical and rational part with the more “gut feeling” part putting them together to create a new Rose wine.   We have therefore, created a new Rose wine and that is exactly how Còralin was born into our family.

Giorgia and her father often discuss in the winery both agreeing and disagreeing. 

He is a man who works in a traditional way, on the basis of what he learned in turn from his father (grandfather Plinio, founder of the winery) and from his decades of experience, success and errors.   

She is a young lady who would like to put something of her own into it, she wants to experiment and create wines that reflect who she is.  

Luck has it that, despite the fact that Marcello Marchesini is a man tied to his tradition, at the same time he is very open-minded.  After assuring himself that working in the winery was in fact a passion we held and not  just a forced choice, Marcello chose to give us his total trust and support by inviting us to open up new paths. 

It is hanks to Giorgia’s willingness and determination, applying what she has learned with both her studies and work experience that we created Còralin, a young and lively Bardolino Rose. 

From the grape selection to the wine fermentation.

In order to give life to Còralin we decided to start from our youngest wine, the Bardolino Rose DOC, a wine that today most represents our winery in both Italy and abroad, one of the typical wines from our land, Lake Garda. 

Còralin was actually born in the vineyards: each of the grapes that compose the wine were carefully selected from a different vineyard, based on the characteristics of the soil and the quality matured in this specific year. 

2019 was a particularly problematic year and we had to work really hard in the vines in order to thin out and select the very best grapes.

In the winery particular care was taken in making this wine: it was Giorgia’s “experiment, a small mass of only 200 litres that she managed completely on her own, often confronting her ideas with her father. Còralin really needed a lot of time and attention and Giorgia gave it exactly what it needed.

The thesis with which Giorgia graduated in Enology speaks about the incidence of the turbidity of must in rose wines.  On the basis of these technical notions, applying them in the daily work in the vineyards and the winery, we have come to understand that in addition, to the traditional fermentation method that we were taught by our father and that allows us to obtain fresh and easy-drinking rose wines, such as BRUT Aurora sparkling rose wine, there was actually, also a second possibility: obtaining, by only using our native grapes, a more aromatic and strutted rose wine that better ages. 

Read the technical sheets of Còralin

We got confirmation of this at the end of the fermentation period.  We found out that the wine in the tanks was in fact a different product, unique in it’s type.

Còralin’s story

While Giorgia was taking care of the wine, Erika was thinking about how to propose it.

“I never doubted not even for a second the success of the product.  This is why I wanted to find a way to convey all the passion held inside the barrel.  A huge responsibility that I still feel weighing on my shoulders.  I thought both day and night and the fundamental principle of my thoughts came from the vines, the winery and from making wine.”

This is where the idea of telling this Bardolino rose wine through a story, a new way of seeing things, bringing together both art and emotions. 

“Initially my father said “I don’t know if it will work but if you believe, I believe too.  Let’s give it a go”.

Erika had been following on Instagram for some time a girl called Clarissa (@seguilebriciole), an artist who tells her story through visual communications.  When the time came to set up all the communications relating to Còralin she came straight into my mind.  I thought she would have the perfect hand to tell its story.  

“When I entered the world of  Segui Le Briciole (Follow the Crumbs), I immediately felt at home. Clarissa and I met in the Santi vineyard, that is the place where I truly belong, and it was here that we starting putting together our story.  We talked lots, I told her about all the emotions that I wanted to put into that bottle.  She breathed and took them all in, sorted them and then drew them with a pencil, black on white.  That was the moment that I realised that Còralin would bring so much more than I could have ever imagined”.   

“This profession really is part of who we are.  We were born here and we carry this tradition inside us.  This is exactly what we would like to covey through this bottle of wine”.

The story of this wine was first told on the Marchesini company Instagram profile and is now here, on our website to be read by you all. 

soffio marcello marchesini winery
Do you know? In the summer time moths a wind blow dorm the West…
soffio marcello marchesini winery
It’s not an annoying wind: it gracefully descends and softly strokes the knotty tips of the olive trees…
soffio marcello marchesini winery
It softly goes away and fills the vineyard with the sweet floral scent…
soffio marcello marchesini winery
…those who know it, salute it whistling along the way…
soffio marcello marchesini winery
soffio marcello marchesini winery
… those who were waiting for it, run along to play with it.
soffio marcello marchesini winery
Of course, this wind has a name, but we call him the same way.
“Blow Nìni, there is nothing that a little whistle can’t fix!”

Segui le briciole for Marchesini Winery, ©2020

 A wine thats has the wonderful scent of memories

For the choice of the name we had relied on our instincts, on what our hearts said. The wine is inspired by that lovely light spring breeze that accompanied us on our afternoons in the countryside: the bunches of flowers, our grandfather whistling and the scent of those days as a child.  Carefree and happy.  Soffio was able to say all this for us. We tell you why we moved from Soffio to Còralin here.

A scent that ignites a thousand emotions and that we wanted to trap in a candle.    

This is all thanks to Marika and Sara of  Cera una Bolla (There once was a Bubble), two artists with a very important mission:

“One day we would like to smell a scent that tells us that the world has changed for the better.  This is why we do what we do.”

Marika and Sara create natural soy wax candles, room fragrances, herbal incenses and much more in their lab. 

They created for us a unique fragrance inspired by our Còralin, with the aromas of wine and its story and the emotions we wanted to convey along with it.

The scent of Còralin recalls warm, fruity, floral and aromatic notes that remind us of that lovely spring breeze.  The scented candle is available in 3 sizes (Steele mini, Elegance 120 and Elegance 180), you can find it in our sales point in Lazise and at the Tramee Concept Store in Villafranca. 

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The illustrations here above are designed by Clarissa Cozzi (Segui le Briciole) to give life to the story of Còralin and they are protected by copyright.