Great wines are created with dedication day by day, just like healthy relationships.


We specialize in producing Bardolino Classico DOC, Bardolino Chiaretto and other excellent wines both red and white.


We are the Marchesini Family Winery, a family that has been making wine for generations. Each year we strive to make our production better that the last. This is not only for the wine but also for the relationships we are creating.

Our wines are the perfect experience for anyone who would like to really understand what happiness tastes like. Wines, a perfect way to share a moment, a story, to share a glass of wine together. We are the family next door, the kind that you can ask for some sugar, but especially for a glass of wine.

Authentic wines that tell a story about their origins but without all the frills.
Wines that communicate. That give you the sensation of the lake breeze on your cheeks, of a smile, of laughing till your cheeks hurt, of meditation, wines that accompany you on important celebrations and on any kind of celebration at all, even the less important ones. Wines that help capture any moment that you don’t want to let fade away.

Our doors are always open for anyone wanting to visit our vineyard. We are here for when you want to taste our wines while breathing in the fresh lake air, the air that gives oxygen to our grapes and is great for our mind, body and soul. Book your wine tasting experience here with us! You will find us on the Veronese side of Lake Garda in the Lazise hills.