Colour: red

Grapes: selection of dried Corvina and Merlot

Flavour: it is a full-bodied wine with scents of marasca cherries, black pepper and cacao.  It has a light hind of toasted but not too accentuated wood.  .

Character:  demanding, full of itself and all in one piece.

This wine manages to be full of charm but authentic at the same time.

It just takes a few sips to be captivated by its notes. A complete wine that knows how to give great satisfaction.

It is a great match for: game, grilled, roast and braised meats.  But also, first and foremost our San Fermo is a meditation wine that should be opened at least half an hour before drinking.  This wine is a perfect companion for an evening in front of the fire on a cold night.

The story behind the wine

This wine requires a lot of consideration and passion.  Each bunch of grapes are selected with great attention and care then delicately placed in boxes, with the love and attention that you would give to a small child.
The first San Fermo was produced as an experiment in 2001.  Marcello created this out of pure curiosity, hence the continuous search to improve and grow with it, year after year.
Now, twenty years on, we are looking at a wine that has taken on wide shoulders, showing us what our family has always taught us, never to be afraid of time.  Time and calmness have always been good to us and time and calmness will always lead to a wise and mature wine in the end.
San Fermo is one of the finely selected wines that is made only if the vintage is excellent.