Colour: sweet white

Grapes: Garganega and Moscato

Character: sensitive, pleasing but also confident.

Flavour: exotic fruit, acacia honey and orange blossom.  It is both sweet and filling.   Even though we know, Moscato is the sweet grape of excellence, Marcello chose to balance this sweetness with the acidity and sapidity of Garganega making it quite unique.  Here too, the grapes are carefully selected and left to dry for a few months.  The wine is left to rest in barrique for a year after the vilification process.

It is a great match to: straw sweet wines are often called “dessert wines” and of course EriGiò too is great when accompanying a dessert, especially a fruit tart, a cheesecake but is also goes extremly well with seasoned and herby cheese, even with the chutney sauces on the side.  It is the glass of wine that is full of emotions at the end of a meal, the one you always find space for. 

The story behind the wine

EriGiò is a sweet white straw wine of a very limited production of only 500 bottles.  It really is a sweet gift that our father Marcello wanted to give to us girls, Erika and Giorgia (this is where the name EriGiò came from), a loving fatherly gesture given to his daughters.   It is a gem that we only produce in certain vintages and of a very limited edition.