Since we first started making wine our family has not just been made up of us, but of much more.

Our Family

We decided to make wine, and this is why our family has become our brand. Our doors are always open to anyone who wants to understand that inside a bottle of wine there is much more than just the wine itself.

Today we are no longer the Marchesini Winery or the Marcello Marchesini family: we are the Marchesini Family, wine and family together, united as one.
Our dream is to keep doing what we know best and what our heart tells us is the right thing to do. We are going to keep doing it hand in hand, together with the same love and passion that we have always had. When we say together, we mean together by making our family bigger and bigger with the people who really care and, want to be part of our special family.

Wine has a special characteristic: it unites people

The Marchesini Family is made up of us, the part of our family that is united by blood, the harvest team, friends, neighbours, all those special people who love our wines. Each and every one of us takes part in this team, the best way possible carefully watching out for each other, and helping each other in their role within the family, all pulling together as one.


Get to know us, one by one and all for one

If you want to get to know us better then here we are, one by one and one for all!


You will usually find Erika busy taking care of all the office matters:invoices, export, accounting, as you can see all the paperwork in general.
The most important thing is however, taking care of clients and importers in Italy and around the world. This is definitely the biggest part of her job. She organises great wine tasting experiences with a real personal touch , the wine fairs and coordinates the communication in general. One thing that is notto be taken is the fact that she is always available for… the simple joy of a nice chat together. Erika really is a great communicator in general and often the voice of the winery.


Enologist, she takes care of the land and the grapes themselves. She likes to be out in the open air enjoying nature and everything it has to offer. Even though she loves being between the vines her favourite place is actually in the winery: this is a magical place for her, the place where it all takes shape.There are no Saturday or Sunday, there are no fixed hours to follow. Our true ‘boss’ is the wine: the wine is the one who decides what has to be done and when. Giorgia knows exactly how to bring out the best of it and its perfection.


Marcello is the backbone, the roots and the strength of our family. He used to do all of this on his own up until a few years ago: cultivate the vines, the vilification, bottling (by hand), home deliveries in the whole of the north of Italy and when he had the time he would also do the paperwork. We really have taken huge steps into the future with him. Today he is supporting and supported side by side Giorgia in the winery, watching everything carefully, not missing anything, nothing gets by Marcello’s watchful eye!


Claudia is there behind the scenes: tidying tables and preparing the glasses for the wine tasting. She always makes sure there is a warm meal on the table at lunch time and she gives us us warm assuring looks that only a mother can give. For years she has managed to sell our wines without knowing even a word of English or German. Claudia is our white sheep: She is completely teetotal! Lot of our clients ask for her because of the lovely way she has about her.


Antonio e Piero

These are our colleagues: the ones that have been working on our fields for so long that they have become a big part of our family. We truly trust in them: they really are special people who have always worked so hard for our family project.


The harvesting team

Every year someone new takes part and others move on. Our harvesting team is composed of a group of students, friends, housewives and pensioners. They all help us in a very important moment which is the harvesting itself. The harvest is quite a difficult job but it ends up always being really fun for everyone. If you don’t believe it then pop by and join us during this time, there is always an extra plate of pasta on the table!

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Our History

La nostra storia

Grandpa Plinio was a simple man, a farmer, a great worker who started off with nothing. He was always convinced that the land was the solution for any problem. He really was so right about this.

After the war, he invested his savings to buy a tractor so he could continue to work on the land of Count Cavazzocca of Lazise, just like his family had done for years. It took nearly a decade of hard work and not much sleep to finally be able to buy the Counts house and his first vineyard, the vineyard of Santi, where still today we cultivate the grapes for our Bardolino production.

He had always been passionate about viticulture and in the 60’s, Grandpa Plinio started to produce un-bottled wines door to door in the whole of North Italy, becoming a real part of the panorama of the Veneto winemakers.

Twenty years on in the 80’s, his son Marcello, daddy Marcello to us, took over the family business. After gaining experience he got over the years by working in local wineries, he was now ready to bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas into the family business. Our Grandpa’s vision, that of a person that had lived a very modest life with struggles and difficulties of life on the land, was more orientated in quantity that was then replaced with the idea of Marcello, who concentrated more on quality.

Grandpa hated wastefulness: the mentality of that generation was to receive as much as nature had to offer. Our father, however, understood that you had to respect the natural balance of the vines in order to obtain a quality product: less production meant a better quality grape.
This is exactly how the new wines were created. The wines were all sold by the bottle, just like that of Rose Bardolino DOC and San Fermo, a red wine that is produced in only a limited amount with the Corvina and Merlot grapes.

We have been running the family business now since 2014, we are Erika and Giorgia, Marcello’s daughters.

Our wines are both well known and appreciated not only in Italy but overseas too: not only Germany but also Belgium, Holland,Denmark and we are also working with USA and China.

How about a glass of wine now that we have got to know each other better?