Colour: red

Grapes: Corvina and Corvinone

Flavour: Ninì has the spicy notes of Corvina and  you can also get the hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper.  Nini always tastes like Christmas to us and has a way of enlighting warm memories of the smell of home-baked Christmas biscuits.

Character:  warm with its embracing notes that conquer the whole body, it is a wine that really makes you feel at home.  It is the comfort zone that makes you feel safe, or simply a little moment of pampering while you are preparing dinner.  

It is happy with: it is a wine that goes well with mushroom risotto, roast meats or homemade tagliatelle with truffles.  This wine is not too demanding and it really takes over you like a warm hug.

The story behind the wine

“Ninì” is the name that our dear Grandpa gave us as little girls and this is why we put our heart and soul into naming this wine.  For us it is a way to say thank you to him, thank you for his hard work and for the strong values that he has passed onto us.
The desire to create a wine that has a strong bond with the land really makes this wine special for us.  The Corvinone and Corvina grapes help us with our mission, as they are the Queen grapes of Verona.  Nini is an IGT red wine in which the spicy notes, typical of these grape varieties are enhanced.
We have been producing this wine since 2010 in the Santi vineyard: Corvina and Grandpa Plinio, a great couple that hold a special place in our hearts really make this wine.