Colour: white

Grape: Pinot grigio

Flavour: an aromatic white wine with hints of green apple, pear and sage.  Its persistent and full-bodied flavour give it its characteristics, that are usually typical of a red wine in general, it is a wine that definitely  needs comprehension and understanding.

Pinot Grigio is cultivated all over the world, and as any type of grape,  the soil in this case always leaves a tangible mark giving the wine its own personal touch.  These grapes come from the inland area of Lake Garda, on the area that borders Valdadige. In this area the land is more rocky and there is a more windy climate, which gives our Pinot Grigio a perfect balance between the body and acidity of the wine.

Character: its savoir-faire really wins you over making it a great wine to discover.

This wine needs time and gives time just like the other wines in the Marcello Collection.  You really must be ready to dedicate time to yourself when you sit back and take a sip of Pinot Grigio.

This wine can be surprising over the years and for those who have the patience to wait, the joy of rediscovering and understanding the evolution of the wine over time is a true gift.  A common name with a unique character.

A perfect partner: to rice dishes with mushrooms or over-baked lasagna.  It is great with steamed white meat, raw fish, egg pasta with white meat or vegetable sauce.  You can also enjoy this wine in a calm moment of meditation with aged and herby cheeses.

The story behind the wine

Our Pinot production is that of a limited edition and the reason for this is the origins of the grapes.  The grapes come from a vineyard at the edge of  Valdadige that is more that 40 years old and produces less than 50% of its actual potential:  like an old man who just plods along, the little that he manages to do actually becomes the fruit of a lifetime of experience.
The quality really is priceless.  This is exactly why we treat it like a little prince and give it all the care and attention that it needs: 10 months of waging on fine lees in steel with a continuous batonnage (stirring) and at least one year of aging in the bottle.