Wine Tasting Glasses

Wine tasting is an art, and as such, it requires a particular attention to all the details involved.

Choosing the right glass, depending on the type of wine, is an essential factor for the success of your tasting.

There isn’t a universal glass for all types of wine; the choice you make depends on the personality and characteristics of the wine you wish to taste.

The shape and size of the glass affect the concentration of aromas, the temperature, and the aeration of the chosen wine.

Below I will indicate four different types of glasses that correspond to the most common types of wine.

To each their own!

For red wine tasting, you can use a fairly round-shaped glass, like the tulip or balloon.

This will allow you to appreciate the color of this type of wine.

The size should be ample enough to appreciate the intense and fruity aromas, in this way you can swirl the wine in the glass to aerate it.

Doing so, you will appreciate the formation of arcs on the walls of the glass that indicate its consistency.

Absolutely to try: Bardolino, served slightly cool in a balloon glass, manages to unleash all its spicy notes that make it unique.

For white wines, characterized by fruity or aromatic scents, more or less intense, I recommend instead a glass with a narrower and less curved shape, since white wines are generally lighter and fresher and need less heat to be best appreciated.

These glasses also have a narrower shape that will help keep your wine cool and concentrate its aromas.

Some well-structured white wines or orange wines like our Pinot Grigio give their best using glasses like balloons and tulips, similar to what is indicated for red wines.

Sparkling wines, such as Champagne or Prosecco, need a specific glass, known as a flute, which generally has a long and thin shape, but the wide tulip is also an option to consider because it holds the sparkling wine better. In both cases, this shape will help your wine maintain effervescence and concentrate its aromas.

For liqueur wines like Port or Sherry, you can use a cup-shaped glass, which has a wider and curved shape. This shape allows the wine to breathe and release its intense aromas and flavors.

A set of tasting glasses can be a great gift idea for wine lovers. But not the only one, there are many gift ideas for true wine lovers!

Returning to the characteristics of tasting glasses, the temperature of the glasses should also be considered. Before use, bring the glasses to the temperature of the wine to be tasted: cold for sparkling wines, cool for white and dessert wines, and room temperature for red and liqueur wines.

Wash the glasses with running water and rinse them thoroughly, if necessary use a detergent. To dry them, use a cloth that does not leave traces on the walls.

We look forward to seeing you at our winery in Lazise, where you can get a hands-on experience with the different tasting glasses and… savor their contents! Book your tasting here.