Colour: red

Grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara

Flavour: young, fresh, sapid.  The mineral notes from the Molinara are combined with the spiciness of the Corvina.

Character: Bardolino is a wine that wins your heart for it’s simplicity.  It is a wine that does not need to show off, its strength is its genuineness.  It is kind, elegant and accompanies admirably every day meals.  It is like a true friend, one that you can trust, straight forward and direct.

Colour: Bardolino is a light red ruben, transparent colour.  If you pour some in your glass then you can see straight through it, just like when you meet an honest person.

A great match: to first courses with fish, grilled fish, fresh and flavoured dishes such as cous cous and rice dishes with vegetables and spices.  Perfect when served slightly chilled during the summer months.

During the colder, winter months it is better when drank at room temperature, in this way you will be able to taste the spicier notes, together with white meat, risotto, velvety vegetable soups and also meat pasta sauce, hamburger and veggie burgers.

The story behind the wine

This is the wine that Grandpa started his passion and his wine business with.  Every morning he would put the tanks in his van and take them to clients who were waiting not only to fill their demijohn jugs, they were of course also waiting for the bread and salame that would accompany them.
We are today, just like back then continuing to produce our Bardolino using the traditional methods.  The Bardolino Classic wine is simple but at the same time elegant, it is like an old fashioned man with good principles, a friend who is by your side every day never letting you down.