Colour: rosé

Grapes: a selection of  Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.

Flavour: the scent of a spring breeze but on the tongue you taste summer fruits: peach, strawberry and grapefruit.  Deliberately explosive, full-bodied, full of everything: full of joy, full in the mouth, full of memories and emotions, what they mean to us and how and how they manage to bring them to our heart.

It has aromatic notes that make it like a provencal pink wine.  The mineral taste in the mouth cannot be mistaken and it really lets us understand its origins.

They work so well together: this wine also loves pizza, fresh summer dishes and cold cuts, it also works well with amatriciana pasta, curry chicken and the more flavoured or spicy dishes.

Character: outgoing, cheerful and  has a true love a of pleasure.  It is like that special friend, the one who always brightens up any evening and enlightens fond memories.  More than one person has got emotional while sipping a glass of this wine at our wine tasting experience.

We are not only talking about a wine here, it is more like a story that holds all the emotions held inside.  Just like when you are reading a book and get so involved in it that you end up finding the characters from the story all around you.

It is a wine that takes you past just what is in the glass and gives back to you the deep meaning of its origins.

The story behind the wine

Còralin is a young, lively Sparkling wine that has been exclusively produced with native grapes.  It is a structured rose,  that ages well, an aromatic wine that carries the scent of flowers, light-heartedness, happiness, just like the spring breeze that always reminds us of our childhood in the countryside.
Erika and Giorgia’s first wine, a wine that they created all by themselves after a long selection in the vines and attentive hard work in the winery.