Colour: light ruby red

Grapes: a selection of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara

Flavour: it is a warm, enveloping wine. It feels of the warmth of the fireplace, the one that warms you when you return home at dusk on cold autumn evenings. Velvety, it is the same warmth that we also find on the palate. It has the spicy notes of Corvina, the elegance of Bardolino: it tells of this land, La Rocca, of its gentle hills, its mild climate and its people, of the traditions that are handed down, generation after generation. Here comes Farfilò, the moment of being together, of chatting, of stories to be preserved and handed down. It is an authentic wine, we want to keep it as it is: pure. This is why we have chosen a cement vat for its refinement. For those who don’t know, cement is breathable and neutral, wine can evolve and mature without the influence of other aromas.

It works so well together: it is perfect for a simple evening with friends, when you are together, chat, share the moment, tell each other, in front of the fireplace or on the sofa. It’s a wine that gives safeness and serenity, the one that gives you the one is sitting there next to you and is taking that moment for you.

Character: it has the good soul of a child, its purity, the desire to stay in good company. It’s transparent, he does not know how to hide his sorrow, he is satisfied with little and loves the value of little gestures. He is a good one, pure of heart.

The story behind the wine

This wine is tranquility and dedicated time, what it takes to be together.
With this wine, more than with all the others, we our land a white page, we want it to tell the story. We gave her its most indigenous grapes. We limited ourselves to taka care of the vineyard, we provided it the conditions to ensure that those grapes are of the best quality: through selection, we keep the vine in balance by minimizing our job, in the vineyard as in the cellar.
Farfilò has the scents of autumn, of freshly crashed grapes. Time and refinement will make it mature and change it, but in any case it will remain a pure wine, just as it is.