Colour: rosé

Grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara.

Flavour: the scent of small forest strawberries and peach blossom. 

Our Chiaretto loves the warmer seasons, this is exactly why it carries the liveliness of the long summer days.  The full bodied favour and structure are given by the special attention that we give to it in the winery by selecting the grapes, contact with the fine scrum and the brief maceration.  This wine, just like its brother, has a strong bond with its land, getting the freshness and the mineral flavours that make it unique in its kind.

Character: a young versatile and dynamic wine.  Perfect as an aperitif on a summer evening, a light lunch or a pizza with friends.  It seems light but in reality it is full bodied and lingering: don’t underestimate it.;)

Chiaretto Classico has a way of making you feel happy and it is a polyglot and can communicate with everyone.  It is a wine that has friends all around the world and can easily sit at a table with these people, uniting them with one language, the language of wine.  This wine is perfect for those who like the drowsy summer days, the long lunches that turn into wonderful afternoons with friends and of course for those that want to take a moment of relax and take a sip while sitting on the terrace enjoying this private moment of joy.It has so many different matches: and with pizza!  It is a very elegant wine that goes well with simple and delicate dishes without ruining their taste, from grilled or oven cooked fish to the delicate oriental cuisine.

It is a sapid wine that keeps a “clean and fresh” taste in the mouth.  This is the reason why it also goes so well with “fatty” foods such as cold cuts, fried vegetables or  and any type of burger.

The story behind the wine

Chiaretto Classico is the sibling of our Bardolino.  Our Rose is today the wine that represents us the most both in Italy and abroad.  It is a young wine, our third sister full of energy and enthusiasm to grow, she is the one that shows us that we have a pink future.
If Bardolino is the wine that has made our name known in Italy, Rose is the sibling that for 13 years now  represents us around the world,  a wine that likes to travel far to USA, Australia and China in particular.