Wine tasting: the best tips and recommendations in order to fully savour the moment

Would you like to take part in a wine tasting experience?  It’s a lot easier than you think. Here are some tips and valuable advice on how to fully enjoy this moment.  

We must first of all make a premise: you don’t need to be an expert in order to take part.  Everyone can participate, all you need is a bit of curiosity and to let yourself be guided by the sensations that are transmitted when tasting a glass of wine.  

Having said this, here are some tips on helping you be better prepared for your wine tasting experience.  

Useful tips for wine tasting

  • Take your time, take all the time you need to get to know the wine in all its aspects (colour, smell, taste…). In this article we have explained how to taste wine starting from the sensory analysis, that is, the 3 stages of tasting: visual, olfactory and taste.
  • At the same time, take into consideration that the person guiding you is dedicating their time to you.  Take this opportunity to ask questions about all your curiosities of what you see and taste.
  • Avoid wearing strong perfumes.  The wine tasting experience is a sensorial journey that starts from the nose and mouth.  Take this into consideration and therefore, it is better not to have anything around this area and be careful with what you are wearing making sure it will not alter the perception and not give you the chance to truly savour the organoleptic characteristics of the wine.  
  • It is better not to smoke either before or just after this experience for the same reason.  The smell of smoke could also alter the taste in your mouth and be of annoyance to others that are taking part.  
  • Wine often creates connections:  therefore, if you are at the table with other people, try to socialise and share the experience.  You can discuss your thoughts with other participants and share opinions regarding the wine analysis.  
  • You can usually take pictures during the wine tasting.  It is however always best to ask the host organising the experience in order to avoid taking pictures of others if they don’t want to be photographed.  
  • In order to oxygenate the wine, from a practical point of view it is adequate just slightly turning the glass, not spinning it excessively.  Remember that if you are tasting a sparkling wine, you don’t even have to turn the glass at all.  
  • Having your wine tasting experience directly in the winery has a significant added value to it.  You will find your self emerged in the nature and vines where the grapes you are tasting were grown, perhaps even a stones’s throw away from where they were selected and pressed.  You can even take advantage of this experience by taking a tour of the winery and discovering the steps the grapes took in order to become the wine it is today.  

By taking part in a wine tasting experience you will learn many new things about wine, maybe even things you didn’t even know.  For example, did you know that there are different types of glasses that enable and intensify the wines characteristics.  

A wine tasting experience is an interesting and useful way of approaching the world of enology, even if it is just out of curiosity or your own personal passion. 

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