The correct glass for the wine: how to choose the right one?

Scegliere il bicchiere di vino

There are many things to look at when choosing the perfect wine that go beyond the label and the year itself.  Even the glass you use for your wine tasting is of great importance. Today we are going to explain how to choose the perfect glass for your red, white and rose wines.

First and foremost, there is a fundamental reason: the glass you use when tasting a wine must allow you to truly appreciate all of the characteristics of the wine: colour, aroma and flavour.  This is why the glasses, or better still the specific wine glasses must be completely transparent with no decoration that could alter the visual analysis, the first fundamental phase of the wine tasting experience and, the glass must be in crystal.

All wine glasses in general are composed of a support better known as the foot, on which the glass is better sustained in order to avoid that the temperature of the wine is altered by the warmth or the hand and also to protect the wines aroma from external contamination by means of the external odours (soaps, perfumes etc).  Each glass also has a stem and a bowl. The last of such is the most important of all: the bowl shape gives the oxygenation of the wine, whereas, the diameter of the border gives direction to the flow towards the mouth, enhancing the wines characteristics.

The perfect white wine glass

The ideal glass when talking about white wine is that of a classic tulip-shape, giving us an openness that enlarges towards the body, just like that of the flower that gives its name. For more structured white wines it is best to favour a glass with a larger bowl and a narrower opening, in order to favour a better perception of the aromas and to concentrate the fragrance towards the top.

It is the same when we are talking about rose wines such as Classic Bardolino Rose DOP: the best glass that gives true value to the organoleptic characteristics is again that of the tulip type, permitting a correct oxygenation and of a larger opening in order to direct the wine towards to tip of the tongue, the part that is most sensitive to the sweetness of the wine.

Elongated wine glasses for red wines

It is important to choose the correct elongated glass in order to truly appreciate a really good red wine. This type of glass really gives you the opportunity to taste the wine during each phase of the wine tasting experience, the wine is therefore concentrated in the top part of the mouth avoiding the tannins coming into contact with the gums.

A large bowl greatly favours a perfect oxygenation of the wine, permitting the concentration of the complex aromas, enhancing the scent, that comes from the maturation of the wine in the barrel. This is why a large glass with a wide bowl better known as ballon is the perfect choice to hold together all of the shades of a well aged red wine.

Sparkling and dessert wines: what is the best glass to choose?

The perfect glass for these types of wines is the famous flute as it can hold the perlage for a long time and concentrates the delicate aromatic scents towards the top.  It is also good to choose a coupe glass. This type of glass gives us the possibility in tasting our wine with the liquid distribution in the mouth in a uniform way so that the aromas can expand without being overpowering.

Small glasses are a better solution when tasting sweet dessert wines and liquors.  These types of glasses can hold a smaller amount of the product but the wider shape allows the aromas to express themselves at their best and the narrow opening make sure they are concentrated directly towards the nose.

If you follow these instructions in order to choose the best wine glasses, you will really have the possibility in making the most of your wine and of your wine tasting experience, making it a truly enjoyable one.  We organise events and wine and food experiences in our Lazise Winery, where you can taste the Marchesini wines in the perfect wine glasses.

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