Valorizzazione prodotti tipici lago di Garda: nasce Taste of Lazise

Valorizzazione prodotti tipici lago di Garda: nasce Taste of Lazise

Grapes, olive oil, lemons, freshwater fish, truffles from Monte Baldo, honey and peaches are just some of the traditional products that can be found on Lake Garda. In one of the restaurants overlooking the lake or directly on the farms that produce them, you can taste many culinary delights while on a trip on the Benaco banks of Lake Garda. A Taste of Lazise association was born with the aim of giving great value to this heritage of excellence, bearing fruit of both the land and human labor, facilitating the availability of genuine products at 0 km.

The mild climate, the good land and the cultural traditions of the three different regions that the lake stands on means that all the surrounding territory offers us a vast choice of quality products.

This area is very well known for its wines, especially in primis the Bardolino one with its vines on the eastern shore of the lake. Then there are the lemon groves on both the Veronese and Bresciana shores, the delicious September peaches, the rich fish heritage of pike, perches and carps, cheeses, white truffles and cured meats such as salami.

The lakes climatic conditions are perfect for growing fruit and vegetables all year round. This is why you will find many farms with their own grown produce such as chicory, salad, radicchio, asparagus, plums, apples, pears, blueberries, wild raspberries, courgettes, cucumber and table grapes. Ingredients that give us the perfect base for traditional Lake Garda dishes such as radicchio risotto, pasta with broad beans and asparagus risotto.

Typical products of Lazise

A Taste of Lazise association was inspired by the continuous request of zero km products, especially by tourists who love the local products that this territory has to offer. The group works in promoting and giving value to the local products and the excellence of the Garda area. “Lazise has an immense capacity in accommodating tourists, so this is why we would like to invite those who visit our village to have the opportunity in visiting the local producers at 0 km,” declares the president of the association Erika Marchesini.

The associations first official event took place during the Agrisapori, the new agricultural fair in Lazise. This fair brings to life the tradition of the “third of July” (locally known as “tersa del lujo”) interpreted as the third week of the month of July which the ancient villagers used to celebrate. This tradition was for the farmers who would sell their local produce, play games and activities and of course the famous greasy pole game. The greasy pole game is a local game played on the lake where a long wooden pole is put on the harbour longways and the locals have to try to get to the end without falling in the lake…very difficult and rather funny as you can imagine.

There are 5 local wineries that take part in the Taste of Lazise association, all with sales points in Lazise:

  • Marchesini Marcello
  • Le Ginestre
  • Le Brognole
  • Roccolo del Lago
  • Corte Gioliare
  • Castelmontioni

In addition to wine, the association promotes other traditional Lake products giving great importance to two local realities based in Cola di Lazise: Mortal Beekeepers and Brentegani Luigi agricultural company.

The Morati company produces honey, jams, aromatic herbs, natural cosmetic products based on honey and herbs, small fruits (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Did you know that Lazise is actually the city of honey? A tradition honey fair is held in the village every October known as “the days of the honey” with a market exhibition dedicated entirely to beehive products.

The Brentegani Luigi Agricultural Company on the other hand, produces its own seasonal vegetables including figs, apricots, table grapes and the renowned peach of Lazise, fruit of the Municipal Denomination.

“We decided to collaborate in order to help and respect each other giving importance to our products. From this, a wine-food pairing was born with companies that have products of excellence from both Lazise and the surrounding area. Many products are made in the area such as that of lake fish transformed and put into jars (pike fish in soar, pesto of lake sardines, white fish in gardesana sauce) that all go perfectly with Bardolino and Rose. We also had a collaboration during the Agrisapori, with a small local production of Saffron and for the future there are many more collaborations on the back burner”.

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