MM 2016ArtCollection: when wine meets art

Blog MM Art Collection 2016

Wine is life, doing it is an art, talking about it is culture, drinking it is the joy of life.

More than a motto, this is a true philosophy of our company.  The one that guides our family business and inspires us every day. Grape cultivation and wine production are for us forms of art, in which we pour our love for the land, our dedication  and our winegrowers experience.

Precisely with art, and with its traditional sense that we have decided to express these concept and thus the first MM ArtCollection comes to life. It is a selection of niche wines, produced only in small quantities with special labels, hand-painted by Silvia Vicenza, aka The art of living in art.

Silvia who has a  career as a restorer, immediately accepted our proposal to try her hand at decorating some of our wine bottles, succeeding to reproduce artistically photos taken in our cellar, thus transferring in a very delicate way the message we want to convey.

The images in fact, recall the values that underline our activity and our daily life: life, joy and art.

We really hope to continue with this project with new editions of ArtCollection in the years to come, continuing to be inspired by the values of our family and enriching this with the contribution of local artists. In this way we can offer our customers a piece of art and a piece of life.

The wines contained in the 2016 MM ArtCollection are very well ageing wines making them ideal for a special gift for close friends or to be kept in the cellar for an important occasion. The collection is sold in an elegant wooden box and can be purchased either individually or in packs of three – directly in our winery or at the Bottiglieria Segna of Lazise.