Two finely selected wines for the 2018 MM ArtCollection

MM Art Collection 2018 Marchesini Winery 1970

The two finely selected wines in question are Nini 2017 and San Fermo 2016.  These two wines are the protagonists of the MMArt Collection 2018, the niche collection from the Marcello Marchesini winery, that are beautifully painted by hand each year by an Italian artist called Silvia Vicenza . 

After the success of the previous editions which to be honest, was initially an experiment, we have now decided to make it part of our winery’s tradition, giving our clients the possibility of finding a truly memorable gift in a prestigious box set for others or a special treat for themselves.

The 60 hand painted glass bottles in the 2018 MM ArtCollection are put together in a beautiful wooden box set with a limited number, making them an exclusive collectors item.

Lazise and it’s wines

The 2018 MM ArtCollection is completely dedicated to our artist Silvia Vicenza and The art of living Art, who has painted each and every bottle by hand with a representation of the panorama of the Lazise hills, the real gem of “The Olive Riviera” along the oriental shore of Lake Garda.

Lazise was the first official Municipality of Italy with it’s name originating from  “Lacus”, which means “lake village”. Just as the name it is given, Lazise is a palafitte village with it’s history going back to a prehistoric era before becoming a Roman hamlet and a Medieval Castle of great prestige.

Today Lazise is one of the most famous villages on the Benaco shore and both a cultural and tourist destination.  Lazise is not only well known for its architectural and breath taking landscapes, but also for its excellent wines attracting many passionate travellers.  There are in fact, many vineyards on the rolling hills of the territory, giving exquisite grapes just like those used to produce the local wines, such as those by the Marcello Marchesini Winery. 

This is why we have decided to applaude our territory transferring it onto our bottles thanks to the precious work of Silvia.

There are two themes in question: a girl walking in our I Santi vineyard with a glass of wine in her hand and the other one is a detail from the entrance archway San Zeno into Lazise.

IGT Fine red Veneto wines

I vini scelti per l’edizione 2018 della nostra collezione sono un Ninì e un San Fermo. Si tratta di due vini rossi dal sapore corposo e vellutato, caratterizzati da note speziate di pepe nero, cannella e noce moscata, con sentori di marasca sotto spirito, prugna e vaniglia (il San Fermo) e da profumi fruttati (il Ninì), ideali per accompagnare le cene in famiglia o con gli amici, gli anniversari e le ricorrenze speciali.
È possibile acquistare la MM ArtCollection 2018 direttamente in cantina o prenotarla via e-mail e riceverla comodamente a casa.

The 2018 red wines chosen for our collection are Nini and San Fermo.  These two red wines have both a full bodied and smooth flavour, characterised by its spicy black pepper note, cinnamon and nutmeg, with a scent  of marasca in soaked spirits, plums and vanilla (San Fermo) and of fruity fragrance (Nini), an ideal accompaniment for family dinners or ones with friends, anniversaries and any special occasion.

The 2018 MM ArtCollection can be purchased directly in our winery or by booking via email and receiving it directly at your home.

Contact us for further information on cost and delivery.