Collectors wines: The 2017 MM ArtCollection has arrived!

MM Art Collection 2017

Are you looking for an original and unique gift?  Why not choose a collectors bottle making it really something special.  Exclusive objects of desire that would look truly beautiful in your wine cellar and what about, if it also contains a great wine, what more could you want?   Marcello Marchesini winery in Lazise has managed to put this together, by creating the MM ArtCollection, a fine selection of wines boxed in a prestigious bottle with a hand painted label.

The first edition really did give excellent results:  the 30 Marchesini bottles are not only in the hands of selective collectors in Italy but also of those around the world (Germany, Holland, Pennsylvania, Hong Kong and Pechino).  This is exactly why the winery has decided to repeat this experience with the new 2017 edition.

The Marchesini Winery wine collection

The particular wines chosen for this collection are that of San Fermo 2015, an IGT red wine with an intense taste and a fruity note that can age well up to 10 years from its harvest.  This is the ideal wine to represent the MM ArtCollection this year with its theme being Land, as in that of the territory of Lake Garda where the Marchesini winery is situated, with the land being a valuable resource for the family where they have been working for over 100 years and for which they really do have great respect.

The wine is being offered in a new way, making it a collectors wine: 30 hand decorated bottles decorated exclusively by Silvia Vicenza of The art of Living Art, and then each bottle is careful packaged in a wooden box where the artist has represented the Santi vines, the vines that really are precious for the family itself. I Santi vines is where it all started and is exactly where nonno Plinio worked for the Count of Lazise and the first one he managed to purchase in the 70’s. The 2017 MM ArtCollection can be found not only in our winery, but also in the Bottiglieria Segna of Lazise shop. If you prefer you can also order it via e-mail and receive it directly at your home: feel free to contact us for details.