How to choose the best rose wines around the world

I migliori vini rosati del mondo

We often find ourselves in front of rows and rows of different wines in the wine shops and we really are spoilt for choice.  The problem is, how are we going to choose the perfect wine? Reading all the labels is time consuming and apart from that, you really do need to have a certain knowledge of wine to truly understand them.  How to identify a good quality rose wine?    

Trust the experts:  The Mondial du Rosé and the Decanter vote every year the best wines around the world.

Which is the best rose wine?

Ok, it may be difficult but it isn’t impossible to answer this question.  The easiest thing to do is to follow the advice of the specially selected experts that participate each year in being judges at the Mondial du Rosé.

The Mondial du Rosé is an international wine competition that has been running since 2004, thanks to the French Enological Union it is  exclusively reserved for Rose wines. The judges are nominated each year with the important job of selecting the best rose wines around the world.   A blind wine tasting, where each bottle is given points and the wines that have obtained a valuation of between 82 and 100 (the maximum) are honoured with the gold or silver medal.    

It really is a great satisfaction for the winemakers and also gives great value that is then transformed into an important commercial demonstration and a guarantee for consumers.

It is a real find when you see a bottle of rose with the Mondial du Rose silver medal, or better still, the gold medal on the label.  To purchase this bottle means getting a product of exceptional quality. 

The Marcello Marchesini winery has taken part in the competition achieving: gold medal for the Bardolino Sparkling Rose Brut and silver medal for Classic Bardolino Rose.

Decanter World Wine Awards

Decanter World Wine Awards is another influential wine competition at an international level that each year elects the best white, red and rose wines at a world wide level.   The DWWA has been considered for the last 14 years, to be one of the most prestigious competitions around the world thanks to it’s expert judges in the wine industry, that are known to be one of the most rigid processes of wine tasting and selection of wines.

The wines selected are put into different categories and classified depending on the country and region of origin, colour, vine, style, year and price of the wines.  By using the above categories it gives a balanced result without any discrepancies.  

The wines chosen by the expert judges are then given awards in the way of medals: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and platinum best in show.

On choosing a wine that has been award-winning, just like Marchesini Classic Bardolino Rose (winner of the bronze Decanter award and that of Silver Mondial du Rose) means to have an excellent wine on your table.

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