Arvid Rosengren is the best sommelier in the world

Arvid Rosengren è il miglior sommelier del mondo

The best sommelier in the world is the 31 year old, Swedish Arvid Rosengren. As voted by the jury of XV Conours of Meilleur Sommelier du Monde, the event organised by the ASI – International Sommelier Association – which took place a few weeks ago in Argentina.

There were 59 other sommeliers from all around the world contending with him (Gennaro Buono for Italy, restaurant manager of 2 Michelin Stars “Il pagliaccio” of Rome). Only three tasters however, arrived at the final stage, which included demanding tests such as the decanting of a red wine magnum, proposals for the combinations with wines by the jury, correction of an imaginary wine list, serving and pouring a sparkling wine magnum in 15 glasses and traditional blind tasting.

Rosengren established himself on the french David Biraud and the irish Julie Dupouy, inheriting the sceptre (an iconic silver trophy inspired by the famous Champagne Moet & Chandon) by the Italian Paolo Basso, best sommelier in 2013.

Arvid Rosengren works in the Italian restaurant Charlie Bird in Soho, New York, and boasts a truly enviable prize list: Sweden’s best sommelier in 2010 and 2011 and in 2013 he won the European title.

(Photography) 9th May 2009 from: