A breath of fresh air, the wind of hope ready to start again

We are happy to say that over the years we have created a relationship with our customers that goes way beyond that of selling wine.  We truly love to welcome all our customers with open arms, a smile, often a hug and always with a glass of wine.  We must get this from our Grandfather Plinio who had the tradition of always having a bottle of Bardolino wine, some bread and salami on the table.  I think this warm welcoming way is one of the reasons that most of our customers have now become friends.

Unfortunately at the moment the way of living our winery is obviously very different due to the current health restrictions.  There are certain restrictions that have been put into place and today, like never before, we really miss them smiles, hugs and a warm hand on our shoulders.  That doesn’t mean we can’t keep in contact.  Let’s remember social distancing is physical, not emotional.

I must admit that we have been going through difficult days over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, we had to stop completely at one point because we didn’t have the strength to think about anything else. 

The many messages that arrived from all around the world made us feel really loved, really appreciated and we were so touched by them all.  It was thanks to you that we found the strength to go on, to find new ideas and to find the right way to go forward. 

This is exactly why we would for you to have us in your homes, and that’s not all.  We want to virtually put a hand on your shoulders and tell you that it will  be alright in the end, we want to bring a smile to your face and for you to feel that we are close to you at this moment in time. 

A glass of wine has the power to relieve the stress of even the most difficult days.  We have therefore decided to start a series of services that will make us feel a little closer despite the physical distance that keeps us apart.  

This is how a breath of fresh air and the wind of hope was realised, a puzzle made up of different pieces in order to guarantee everyone (even those who don’t yet know us) a carefree moment and a breath of fresh air to keep us going. 

giorgia ed erika marchesini
We will come to you

“We will come to you” a wine delivery service straight to your front door.

Shipping in Italy

We have activated a service for Lazise and neighbouring towns with free home delivery, whereas, for the rest of Italy, shipping is free of charge for orders over 120 euro.

How to order?  It’s easy! 

Add our number +39 351 5199912 to your WhatsApp: we will guide you step by step from the moment of the request for a quote to the payment and after-sales service.  We are always happy to know when our customers like our wines and we are happy to give advice on the best way to enjoy them. 

In addition to the bottles of wine, all orders taken in this period of time will be accompanied by a pack of postcards with the illustrations by Clarrissa who carefully did the graphic project dedicated to our new Còralin wine

We would like you to use these postcards to send messages to your dearest that you can’t be close to at this moment in time to remind that they are always in your heart.  You don’t need to put a stamp on them and post them, all you need to do is take a photo of them and send a text message or share them on social network.    You can post them or give them to your dearest when everything is all over. 

Shipping to Europe

We will start shipping to Europe as soon as the current situation improves.  We are happy to say that we have already been in contact with our importers and along with their support some orders are already on their way whereas, others are currently being prepared. 

Follow us on social network channels (Facebook and Instagram) to keep updated on shipments.

In the meantime we ask our overseas customers to contact us (via WhatApp) to find out if there is a local importer available to make deliveries in their area.  If not, we will send you an offer for shipment direct from Italy (including local import taxes). 

(Jar Tale – Stories in a tin of Follow the crumbs and Impressioni.it)

jar tales
Jar Tales

“Còralin, my story”

Our new Còralin wine has a story that has at the moment only been told and presented on our social network channels. 

We would therefore like to share it with you all, to make sure that these wonderful illustrations enter your homes and encourage adults and more importantly, the children out there.  We want to give them the chance to bring out and use their imagination, their new ideas and their courage.

Here you can find the PDF version with the illustrations to download and colour: you can print them, colour them and cut them out just as you like.

Please be aware that the illustrations are covered by Copyright therefore the above mentioned uses as also indicated in the PDF are the only ones permitted. 

Needless to say, we would love to see your masterpieces and therefore if you authorise us, we will publish them with joy in our special album on our Facebook page.

In this way, our story will also become yours.

And the surprises don’t stop here:  Clasrissa Cozzi (@seguilebricole) and Lucia Locatelli (@impressiohttps://www.instagram.com/impressioni.it/ni.it) have created a new project called Jar Tales.

– It’s a kind of game that you can play with the illustrations of Còralin.

If you want to know how then follow the instructions on the @impressioni.it IGTV profile.

Nonno Plinio’s snack

“Nonno Plinio’s snack”

After ever fall we all have to lift ourselves up, brush ourselves off and start again, just like after every ending there is a new beginning.  We have decided that our new beginning will take us back to our traditions, back to our roots and back to our Bardolino and to everything that our dear Grandfather taught us. 

We have carefully put in each and every box “Grandfather Plinio’s snack” that is ready to order via WhatsApp.  Inside you will find everything you need to recreate that moment merriment that our Grandfather loved so much.

The box contains:

  • a bottle of Bardolino
  • our trusted local butcher’s salami (Mascanzoni Butcher from Calmasino)
  • a bag of flour to make the bread
  • a small bag of dehydrated yeast
  • a special recipe for olive oil bread exclusively from the Messetti Family Bakery (Riccardo and Romana Messetti Bakery) written specially for us.

We will shortly be publishing an article with all the useful information necessary for ordering and shipments.

newsletter marchesini
Letters from our vineyard

“Letters from our vineyard”: our newsletter

We have activated the Marchesini Winery Newsletter in order to remain in contact with you all.

We will use it to send real letters to those who would like to stay in contact with us.  In these emails we will tell you all about us, about our life in the countryside and we will share with you our small daily joys and even (hopefully smaller) concerns.  The letters will be sent about once a month even though they will not follow a strict time scale: we will send them when we feel the need and the inspiration to do so.

Just like when you write to a friend. 

You can answer our emails if you feel like it and share you thoughts with us: we are always happy to read and answer back to you.

To subscribe to the newsletter just fill out the form you can find here.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Erika and Giorgia