Our Grandfather Plinio’s mid morning snack: bread, salami and Bardolino wine

We have some good news for you.  We are all ready to start again just like we told you in our post, even if it is in a slightly different way.

We have now put in place some new initiatives in order to make sure your wine can be delivered straight to your home during the current health emergency.

We would like to tell you one of them here: it’s “Grandfather Plinio’s mid morning snack time” a bit of a second breakfast for those who work up early in the morning to be out on their beloved farmland with the sunrise.  

This snack will bring to our tables not only good wine and local products but also the love of simple and genuine things.

Our dear Grandfather transformed his love of Bardolino into the job he did every day.  There was always a bottle of Bardolino wine, some bread (or polenta) and salami in the winery.  Neither his friends or customers could refuse the temptation of the inviting treats laying on the table awaiting them and this is exactly why we have decided to start again.  Starting from our roots, offering this gesture by preparing a box with everything you need.  Everything that our Grandfather would have put out, following his tradition and again following in his footsteps but with our new way of thinking.

“Grandfather Plinio’s snack” contains:

  • a bottle of Bardolino
  • our trusted local butcher’s salami (Mascanzoni Butcher from Calmasino)
  • a bag of flour to make the bread
  • a small bag of dehydrated yeast
  • a special recipe for olive oil bread exclusively from the Messetti Family Bakery (Riccardo and Romana Messetti Bakery) written specially for us.

You can order via WhatsApp at  +39 351 5199912.  All orders will be shipped once a week, on a Tuesday  (to make sure the products are not on the road for too long).

How to store your homemade bread

You can prepare the bread for a special occasion or you can just make an occasion special by eating it together with your family along with the delicious salami and a lovely glass of Marchesini Bardolino wine.  You can also decide to keep it once it’s baked and enjoy it another time, the choice is yours.  You can keep the bread in the fridge for a day, putting it in an airtight bag in order to prevent the crust from absorbing other odours.  In alternative, you can put it in the freezer for up to 3 months.  Be careful when freezing, because in doing so it could alter the consistency of the soft part of the bread and make it more crumbly.  If however, you have some left over bread and don’t know what to do with it then you can prepare some excellent croutons to put in your soup or to enrich a summer salad or even, grate it once it is dry and use it as breadcrumbs for other culinary treats.

Bardolino wine, salami and bread pairing

Bardolino wine goes well with salami for its spiciness,  its natural minerality and acidity.  The minerality in particular is due to the soil.  Grapes like Molinara are able to preserve it and therefore enhance the flavour of the wine.  For this reason Bardolino wine is characterised by that salty note that “increases salivation” and this is why the mouth remains “clean” and fresher feeling.

This aspect makes the wine an ideal accompaniment to bread and salami.  We recommend serving slightly chilled but be careful of the “side effects”: you will simply want to drink more and more!  It is not a surprise that on a particular occasion when a journalist of Merum Andreas Marz visited our winery, he said to our father “Bardolino is a wine to be drunk from a bowl.  You can just never get enough of it.”

Send us a message on WhatsApp if you want to try our “Grandfather Plinio’s snack” and we will guide you through the different phases of completing your purchase.