The Consolidated Text on the Vines and Wines: less bureaucracy for the producers

Testo Unico della Vite e del Vino: meno burocrazia per i produttori

A huge request from all the experts in the sector and by the major representative organisations of the producers, the Consolidated Text on Vines and Wines could be operational as early as the next harvest. 

With the aim of simplifying the wine supply chain and streamline the bureaucracy linked to the cultivation of the vines, wine production, bottling and marketing of the finished product, this document aims at unifying all the provisions on the subject, currently contained in different legislative texts (article 82/2006 and legislative decrees 61/2016 and 260/2000). 

The 89 articles that make up the Consolidated Text are divided into 8 chapters, which touch on may aspects in the wine sector:

  1. definition of the industry
  2. wine production
  3. production of musts and wines
  4. production of DOC wines
  5. vinegar production
  6. marketing
  7. labeling
  8. monitoring and sanctions

The simplification of rules and obligations is a fundamental step in a sector such as the wine see, which is the real driving force of Make in Italy. With 650,000 hectares of vins, 385,000 farms scattered throughout the peninsula and an export of 5.4 billion euro, the world of wines must be protected and this also means de-bureaucratised and facilitated from an administrative point of view. 

Now that it has been approved by the Agriculture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, the Consolidated Text that regulates wine standards will continue its parliamentary procedure for the final approval.