A trip to Lazise: things to do and see

Are you thinking about taking a holidays, a few days away or a day trip out?  The towns along the Benaco shores are rich in history, art and culture making them the perfect place to choose.  Today we are going to take you on a little trip to Lazise, giving you the chance to discover this enchanting lacustrine hamlet sitting on the oriental shores of Lake Garda.

Lazise is a beautiful and elegant village of only 7000 inhabitants.  Founded by the historical romans whom christened it “lacustrine place”.  In the mediaeval it was officially named the first free municipal of Garda and in the X century it became one of the richest commercial centres of the whole area. 

Nowadays, Lazise is a tourist locality well known for its moderate climate, regenerated landscapes and excellent architecture.  Here are just some examples.

Things to see in Lazise: churches and monuments

The Scaligero Castle erected in order to protect from the Hungarians attacks in the year 1000, and still today well preserved, is an important symbol of the town.  The two entrances, are at the height of the fortified tower where the Scaligeri Crests are still visible today.   Requested by the Imperator Massimiliano in order to content the inhabitants of Lazise for the power as gained by force. 

A very important architectural beauty of Lake Garda, that is situated right in the center of Lazise is definitely the Dogana Veneta.  Build in the year 300, it really is a unique building that has had many different uses over the centuries: arsenal, cotton deposit, market and also The Casa del Fascio, the local branch of the National Fascist Party.  Nowadays, and after a very important renovation that took place in 1973, the building holds exhibits, weddings and many cultural initiatives.

Beach life and water sports on the lake

While organising your trip to Lazise make sure you dedicate some time to completely relax. 

You can either choose to relax on one of the many beaches along the lake or, you can take some time out in the local springs.  The famous Villa dei Cedri Thermal Springs in Cola, a small hamlet just outside of Lazise.  This “Natural SPA” rises on a land of 13 hectares, immersed between rare plants and trees of hundreds of years old.  It comprises thermal lakes, swimming pools, jacuzzi and fountains.  The warm water here rises up from two falde of 200 and 160 meter depth which gives its guest water at different temperatures.  Villa dei Cedri also offers a hotel, apartments, a beauty center and a sports center for fitness and rehabilitation.

If you prefer more dynamic sports there are also wakeboard, wake surf and waterskiing lessons in the area.

Wine tasting and local gastronomical products

Lazise, and the lake in general are renowned for local enogastronomic products that are great to taste during your holiday here. 

Put in your diary a wine tasting experience while in Lazise, a great way to truly taste local wines matched with some special local dishes, just like those proposed by Taste of Lazise.

Would you like to do some wine tasting?  Book now your wine tasting experience in our winery: we will tell you all about how our wines are produced and give you tips on some great ways to match dishes with them. 

Ph.: Egidio Isotta