White asparagus risotto and 2015 Classic Rose

Risotto all’asparago bianco di Verona e Chiaretto Classico 2015

Spring is the best season for asparagus, especially when it come to the white Rivoli Veronese asparagus. Low in fat with a delicate taste, this vegetable owes its colour to the depth of the crop that keeps it away from the light. To best enhance the organoleptic properties of this delight, today we are offering you a very tasty recipe: Veronese white asparagus risotto combined with our Classic rose.


  • 700 gm of White Veronese asparagus
  • 1 small onion
  • vegetable broth
  • 50 gm of butter
  • 350 gm of Vialone Nano rice
  • 100 gm Grana Padano cheese
  • 1 glass of white wine


Impiatta e porta in tavola il risotto agli asparagi quando è ancora ben caldo, accompagnandolo con un bicchiere di Bardolino Chiaretto DOP Classico dell’azienda agricola Marchesini Marcello.

Finely chop the onion and lightly fry it in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil. Wash the asparagus and remove the fibrous, external part of the stem. Cut into pieces, keeping a few tips aside.

When the asparagus is almost cooked, add the rice; once toasted pour in a glass of white wine and let it evaporate completely. Continue cooking for another 15 minutes adding a little broth at a time. Finish off by adding the asparagus tips and cook again, after 4 minutes take the pan of the flame and then stir in the butter and parmesan cheese until it becomes creamy. 

Plate up the asparagus risotto and accompany it with a glass of Marcello Marchesini Bardolino Rose DOP.