Odette protagonist of the Marchesini wine gift boxes

Odette - 02

Let us introduce Odette.  Odette, for some weeks now has become officially part of our life and of our winery and in a few days, will also be seen on our gift boxes.  But, who is Odette?  In reality, she is a representation of Giorgia and myself in our everyday life.  NaimEnkei is the artist behind this and we are happy to introduce you to her.

Marchesini Marcello meets NaimEnkei

NaimEnkei and me met just by chance. Our first meeting was that of her coming to compliment us about the Rose wine she had tasted. We started chatting and she told me she was an artist.

Her eyes shone bright while she told me about her story, her job and her life and I was overwhelmed by the charge of energy that arose and now I know her better, I can see it is a perfect part of her personality.

I spoke to her about our project and the desire to give a breath of fresh air to our winery, so we put together this idea and this “new breeze” to Odette.

Odette is a perfect representation of Gorgia and myself in our everyday life: she is more concrete and rational on her tractor in the farm and I am more dreamy and imaginative living in my bubble.

As the great impressionist Monet used to portray the same character with the same point of view but at different moments in time, NaimEnkei has depicted her (and now also our) Odette by making 3 different original and authentic versions: one for Giorgia, one for me and the third one representing the two of us together. All three can be found in the winery where we keep them today.

Feel free to pop by our winery for a wine tasting experience and we will be more than happy to show you all three.

Odette and the wine world

Giorgia’s Odette is accompanied by the motto “what you drive is a state of mind” precisely because her natural habitat is the vineyard and the tractor is her passion.

Mine on the other hand is “sit down, take time to breathe and listen to the breeze”.

Odette - 03

The latter phrase is one that is very close to our hearts, inspired by an article written on the blog (http://smalllotwine.com/2018/07/20/listen-to-the-vines-take-time-to-breathe/) by our american client who came here last year and caught the moment when we sat in the vineyard with the lake view and “listened” to the brezze.

After 6 days traversing through the Italian wine regions of Piedmont, Tuscany, Le Marche and Alto Adige, our final stop was with the Marchesini family in Bardolino, a region due West of Valpolicella in the Veneto that features vineyards that overlook the crystal clear waters of Lake Garda. We were tired; we were sweaty; our patience was getting a workout. And then Giorgia greeted us as we pulled up the dirt road to the winery, her face beaming despite the heat, thrilled to show her U.S. customers the winemaking practices she has been learning from her father, Marcello. (…) It was there that I walked towards the vineyards and felt the gentle breeze coming off of the Lake, bringing instant relief and a sense of calming energy from the softly swaying leaves on the vines; they were happy as well

(…) When you see the way he (Marcello) looks at them (Erika and Giorgia) as they tell us their family’s story, you can feel the pride he holds for them – and for his land as he quietly walks towards a row of vines to pick a few leaves off for the developing grapes to have more exposure to the breeze. He knows they need to breathe to eventually get them to the right place to produce the light-bodied, fresh and lovely red and rose wines that we enjoyed that afternoon and are the perfect pairings for Summer days at the lake or when you just need to sit and breathe in to get ready for what’s next.

The Marchesini family is honest, humble and proud of what their land brings them. In turn, they emit an energy that parallels the wines they produce: Bardolino, a perfect chillable, light-bodied red and Chiaretto that is quaffable, fun and balanced. We thank them for all they do.

With these words Kristin Watts perfectly summarised how we live our everyday life, in between the vines, the winery and the family. This is where NaimEnkei has taken the inspiration for her 3 beautiful works of art.

A new project on the horizon, a new wine is on the way

This was intact, the spark that make us take the step in the direction of our new project, which we will tell you about soon, where the “breeze” is the true protagonist.

The project is divided into 3 parts: the first one is that with Odette and Naike, the second part represented by the new wine and the artist who is working on the packaging in this case, is Clarissa di Segui le Bricole. The final one, will instead involve some local artisans who :would like to, one day, smell the perfume that shows us the world has changed for the better”.

Speaking of my creativity, with this project I would like to bring some art into our everyday life (we always need a bit of beauty) and these two girls have really amazed me. With both of them there is no need for too many words. I really don’t know how but they completely understood what I would have liked.  

– Naike –

Fine wines as a perfect gift: such as that of Odette with our personalised packaging

Naike has succeeded in capturing our world in her works, that is our wine world, the one in which we spend most of our days.

She has managed to perfectly capture our personalities, a bit opposed as they are and depict them in her works: the more rational and concrete soul of Giorgia and the other, more romantic and dreamier one of Erika.  

She made them for us and we, have decided to share them with our customers, using them to embellish the Marchesini packaging. In addition to the original works, the Odette packaging will in fact, customise our gift pack thanks to the stamps we will use to finish the packages.  So you too can somehow take her home with you.

Regarding Christmas gifts: you are still in time to place your orders and give a bottle of Sparkling Rose, Nini, Classic Bardolino or any other Marchesini wine to your loved ones this Christmas.

Contact us and we will help you choose the perfect gift, the one that will make the best impression.