Wine is more than just a drink:  it is a gift of life and we are the proud custodians. 

Our wine holds so much: our knowledge, our love for the land, the land that has been passed on to us.  The authenticity of a modest job that is done with a huge heart.  

Our wines are divided into 3 collections that are all bound together with a thread: the family thread. 

Here they are! 


The family table

Our basic wines are the ones that we usually put on our table on a daily basis.  Red, white or rose, you choose.  Wines that are elegant without being too demanding, they are perfect partners for delicious every day meals. 

The family table: Classic Bardolino,  Classic Rose,  Santi, Aurora Sparkling Rose

Marcello’s creations

These are the wines that Marcello personally wanted to plan and create.  

He tried and tried and made mistakes, he continued and he grew along with the wines.  They are wines that truly respect the gift of nature.  If things don’t work out like they should and the requirements are not there, we skip the year and try again the next. 

The wines are of limited amount because from the vines to the winery, they really do need a lot of love and attention.  It really is impossible to measure the amount of passion and effort put into continuously wanting to give more and more and improve season after season. 

Marcello’s creations: Pinot Grigio, Nini, San Fermo, San Fermo REvolution

Message in a bottle

Special wines that have been created by the younger winemakers with the real heart and soul of Erika and Giorgia on this new journey, wanting to give a new message.  Giorgia, taking her education to another level and using her experiences.  Erika, with her deep desire to put all of their best childhood memories in a bottle.  Each bottle is accompanied by a illustrated story that is inspired by life in the countryside. 

Message in a bottle: Còralin, the new Bardolino

Grapes and vines: this is where it all begins

All of our vines are autochthonous and are situated in the south-east of Lake Garda, specifically in the Bardolino Classic wine area which is the heart of the where the local Veronese wine is produced.  We currently produce 900 kgs of grapes from 10 hectares of land that is divided into 4 different vineyards. 

The especially mild weather conditions on Lake Garda, even during the winter months, help make this area one of the best for the production of wine.  Another important factor is that of the Garda hills, the hills that were formed by the residues of the glaciers that descended into the valley.  The land is characterised by a mineral soil, and it is on this warm, dry land rich in sand stones and gravel that our wines are born.

We use different grapes in order to make our Bardolino wine:  Corvina that gives body and structure, Corvinone, an older variety of Corvina to be precise that allows you to re-live the Bardolino flavours of the past .  There are also the Rondinella and Molinara grapes, which give both lightness and flavour.   

We also grow Chardonnay, Garganega and Merlot grapes, which we use to produce our white wine Santi, San Fermo IGP and EriGiò our sweet straw wine.

How we make our wines

Our vineyards are respected using the pergola and guyot systems in order to ensure the grapes are always kept at the right temperature and have the best protection possible.  If the year is too abundant then we usually remove the excess bunches to permit the vine the energy it needs to concentrate on the remaining bunches, so as to obtain high quality grapes.

The limited production (approx. 800/900 hectolitre)  allows us to carefully follow each and every stage  of winemaking, starting right from the work that needs to be done on the land.  From the summer pruning, so as to sect the bunches through to the September harvest, all of the viticulture is done by hand. 

We try to preserve the integrity of the grapes as much as possible once they are in the cellar and pay strict attention to the temperature of the wine, especially during the fermentation. 

This is a particularly delicate moment for the Bardolino Rose: the slower and colder the fermentation, the more aromas can be extracted from the wine. 

The grapes are processed using traditional methods that happily work side by side with new technology and cutting-edge machinery.  The passage through the pneumatic press with the central membrane allows the extraction of the must from the skins, thus starting the fermentation with qualitative characteristics that are superior to any other pressing system.  This is especially good for white wines and for Bardolino Rose: this can easy be demonstrated by the numerous national and international awards that have been obtained. 

Vinification techniques

We carefully follow every stage of the vinification process, selecting only the best bunches for our wines and ensuring the right fermentation of the must with the temperature controlled tanks.

The arte and the science of vinification make it a continuous learning curve and a true adventure.  The real balance of winemaking is truly achieved when science and art come together creating a bottle of wine that is well worth drinking. 
Would you like to visit our vineyard and taste some of our wines?